"OSBY Christian Academy strives to provide a loving and nurturing, Christ-centered, quality preschool program.  Our "Kindergarten" program begins with our K3 classroom and continues through K5.  OCA strives to bring out each child's unique gifts and strengths while promoting their spiritual, academic, social and emotional growth."



The three-year old curriculum begins to set a firm foundation for students beginning with basic alphabet, phonics, math and pre-reading skills. Students will begin writing in manuscript and engage in arts and crafts activities as their motor skills begin to develop and grow.



The four-year old curriculum builds on by moving students into true reading of simple words and books.  Manuscript writing is continued as well as arts and crafts.  Students will continue to develop numeracy and simple addition skills as well.



The Kindergarten, or K5 program, is designed to develop fluid, beginning readers.  No matter where a child starts out, by the end of the school year, students will have basic decoding and reading comprehension skills.  In math, students will know how to count to 100 and will continue to learn addition and subtraction.


For all Kindergarten level students, plenty of opportunities are provided for children to play and develop their social skills. Choral instruction begins in K3 and continues throughout the Kindergarten program