Spirtual Life

OCA utilizes a Christian-based curriculum and all teachers and staff are required to model Christ-like behavior.  We believe it is imperative for students to develop a Christian worldview, thus every subject is taught from a Biblical perspective. 

Additionally, the ABeka curriculum requires Bible verse memorization beginning with our youngest students and continuing throughout 5th grade.  Many parents are surprised to discover just how much of the Bible OCA students have contributed to memory.  Students who successfully memorize all of their required Bible verses will be recognized at the end of the school year during the Awards ceremony.

Students are also encouraged to apply the Word of God to their every day lives.  Children are observed by teachers and staff throughout the year and those that consistently demonstrate Christ-like behavior are recognized in various ways including special "Living out the Word" awards given at the end of the year. 

Teachers lead the children in daily devotion and prayer, first thing each morning.  All OCA students will learn the Pledge of Allegiance, the Pledge to the Christian Flag and the Pledge to the Bible.

Weekly Chapel

Each Wednesday, the entire school will participate in Chapel.  Students will spend time in devotion and prayer and have a Bible lesson.  Parents are welcome to attend Chapel with their children at any time.

There are several "Special Chapels" throughout the year when students will engage in public performances including having roles in skits, dancing, singing or playing musical instruments.