There are a number of enrichment opportunities that are included as part of the regular school day and several afterschool programs that are available for additional fees.

Media Center

OCA has a separate Media Center with books onsite that students may check out as well as a computer lab.  To protect our young students, OCA maintains internet protection on all computers including the ones in the Media Center and those in individual classrooms. 

Science Lab

The school has a separate science lab where students have an opportunity to do hands-on work and research as they explore God's awesome creation.


Each Wednesday, the entire school will participate in Chapel.  Students will spend time in devotion and prayer and have a Bible lesson.  Parents are welcome to attend Chapel with their children at any time.

There are several "Special Chapels" throughout the year when students will engage in public performances including having roles in skits, dancing, singing or playing musical instruments. 


All students will have weekly choral instruction by our gifted music teacher, Mrs. Massengill.  Beginning in 1st grade, students begin learning to read music and will learn to play the recorder, earning different awards upon mastery of each piece of music they learn to play.  4th and 5th grade students make up our "Praise Band" and may learn to play additional instruments. 

If interested in private lessons after school, parents may sign up for piano, guitar, and voice lessons for an additional fee.


Students will have formal physical education instruction on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  As the "temple of the Holy Spirit", how we maintain and take care of our bodies is important.  Our P.E. Coach will challenge students to do and be their best physically.  Students will often go home and practice the same drills and skills that they have learned at school.


Toastmasters is an international organization that helps its members to strengthen their public speaking skills.  OCA offers 8-week sessions to interested students beginning as early as K5, at no additional cost to parents.

OCA In the Community

As a school, we believe in engaging with our surrounding community.  Each year, OCA will go caroling at Greenbriar Mall and the Darnell Senior Center during the Christmas season.  In the past, the school has also participated in local parades and Fall Festivals in surrounding cities.

Programs Available for Additional Fees

            Tae Kwon Do

  • Lingual Kids (Spanish Instruction)
  • Dazz with Jazz
  • Private music lessons
  • Rekindle Writer's Workshop